The Citizen’s Foundation

The Citizen’s Foundation (TCF) is one of Pakistan’s most illustrious of non-profit organizations. it was established in 1995 and since then has accomplished in building 1,000 school buildings with 145,000 students of which 50% are female. The Citizen Foundation is different from other organizations in Pakistan in that its schools are located in the most neglected areas of Pakistan. TCF takes great pride in establishing schools that are equipped with the latest educational equipment. TCF also understands the value of teachers and will only hire the best female candidates on merit base only.
TCF places high value on women and their education. It understands that the framework of Pakistan’s social system must include the contributions of women. Success is considered a high priority for TCF and it wants only the best for the children of Pakistan who are unable to attend school. These children are carefully assessed for their academic strength and weakness and TCF offers a variety of curricula to meet these needs of its students.
I attended the 2013 TCF Seattle fund raising event and witnessed the hope and promise of the donors and the students of TCF. I am currently involved in the 2014 fund raising campaign of TCF Seattle chapter. I hope that more will join us in our quest to increase literacy in Pakistan by donating funds. These funds will aide in the building of new schools and creating endowment funds for the existing TCF schools so that they will become self sufficient in their monetary needs in future.

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