Significance of Health Education for Pakistani Women

The Women of Pakistan need health education. Everyone benefits from women who have had health education. Not only will this help alleviate their community out of poverty but it will increase the mortality of their family. Women with health education are a valuable asset to any community and they are worth every rupee spent on health education. Women’s health education helps women to become more aware of preventative measures they can take when upon getting ill. They understand health issues better for example they understand how to discern pain from a dull ache and with this little knowledge they can easily lead their families into better health.

In 2014, a report published by World Health Organization (WHO) “Health Education In Developing Countries” indicated that 49% of women from developing countries could be more useful to their communities if they had some form of health education. Families where the women have had health education are less likely to experience infant mortality or human mortality. From adolescent health to maternal health, women who gain the health education that they need are better able to take care of themselves and others. In Pakistan, there are fewer female doctors than male doctors. In order to adequately maintain health of women, there needs to be more health clinics available that are for women and their needs.

The WHO further reports that health education decreases early childbearing risks for young mothers. WHO also says that women who get health education are more likely to get their babies vaccinated than women without health education. Women who get health education go on to teach their children about sanitation as in washing their hands and how to clean water that is from the river or lake.

Everyone gains from a woman who has had health education. It is this that will secure the health of her family for a long time. When women are educated in health, their families prosper. It’s a good thing. It makes them more aware of fitness and nutrition, mental health, pregnancy and infant care. Women equipped with Health Education will help build a healthy and educated Pakistan.


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