Tribal Schools – call for papers

When I was writing this book, I ran across a Tribal leader who created a school for the boys and girls of his community. It was very successful and funded solely from his own monies.

Does anyone know of successful Tribal schools that need more media attention? Would love to know!


One thought on “Tribal Schools – call for papers

  1. allauddin

    I am a civil society activist, hailing from Pakistan’s troubled tribal area called Waziristan. The campaign is a desperate attempt to collect funds for opening two schools for the out-of-school displaced / refugee children of Waziristan.

    These children are the most the most tortured and marginalized souls of Pakistan. War in their homeland snatched away their homes, parents, relatives and made them displaced and refugees begging from door to door in order to survive. Most unfortunate is the fact, that neither Government nor the civil society is ready to help these out-of-school children living with their families in rented houses or hosted by relative family in cities of Dera Ismail Khan and Bannu, the settled districts of Pakistan bordering South and North Waziristan agencies. Government have allowed only few charity organisations, those have a reputation affiliated with religious extremist outfits. These organisations focus more on radicalizing the children and youth in IDPs camps and families outside the camps than educating them in real.

    We are hopeful that by end of July we will be able to launch/ start our first school in Dera Ismail Khan city. That roughly will cost us 13,000 USD for which we have already raised 6000 USD so far. We need other 10,000 USD desperately, so we can open another one direly needed by the displaced children of North Waziristan. In this sense, almost 22,000 USD will be spent in starting these schools. The one (located in D I Khan) will cater to the needs of displaced children from South Waziristan whereas the second school to those from North Waziristan.

    These schools will directly be providing education to at least 400 children whose education has been cut off in the mid due to conflict and following displacement. If we are able to raise this amount, we are hopeful to extend this network of schools to rest of FATA and parts of Pakistan.

    Your one dollar contribution will change the lives not only of these kids but their families as well who often hand them / sale over to seminaries and jihadi/militant organisations for not being able to feed them even. It will have a very visible, direct and measurable impact and directly contribute in the global efforts to counter violent extremism through education and making sure that no child in the world, whether it is Washington DC or Waziristan is deprived of his /her right to education. In words of Malala Yusafzai “One child, one pen, one book and one teacher can change the world”.

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