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A startup by the name of WonderTree has recently emerged in Pakistan. Muhammad Usman and Muhammad Waqas established WonderTree which offers four games for children with disabilities to play. Children with autism, cerebral palsy, down syndrome, ADHD, and other mental disabilities can enhance their motor skills, cognitive abilities and other functional skills that are needed to live a full life. (taken from Sonya Rehman. “Meet Pakistan’s Wonder Boys”. Forbes Magazine. 24 September 2016)

WonderTree is a marvelous example of how children illustrate the passion to help others. Usman’s and Waqas’ invention helps to inspire us all to invest more in the future of our beloved country. Let us each do our part and build each other up. Investing time with our own children, with relatives, bring others on board to achieve academic greatness – this is our mission. Let’s go!




A Break…

Sometimes we need to break from the constant deluge of texts, emails, or even status updates. We are still actively working for education reform in Pakistan but it takes time. Please be patient with us as we adjust the blog, twitter account, and Facebook page to align with its true purpose.

High thanks.

Partition, 4th of July, independence…

When you envision partition from what your grandparents or parents told you, what does Pakistan look like? Is it a country that is orderly, peaceful, and most of all, Islamic? How does education play in this newly developing country? Is it one that moves educated teachers, builds secure and strong buildings, while making every effort to teach from Primary to University level?

Let it be so. Let us each do our part to encourage those directly in our community to participate in raising the flag of Pakistan for education – for academic excellence.

Let’s do this!  But how…how will you do it?  How should it be done? Your opinion is valid and valuable. Remember that.


Who are you?

Where have you studied? What is your degree? How are you using this degree to better the lives of others?

Pakistan needs you. It needs your expertise to help dig itself out of debt servicing and into prosperity. It needs you to help build up a reputable country that is the envy of all nations.

Pakistan is a land teeming with beautiful wildlife, green forests, and the rush of water, coursing its way to the Arabian Sea.

How does a land thrive with a population so divided? Who is the one to unite your country by connecting communities to work as a nation and not individually divided.

I would love to know your thoughts. Please share and posit your point of view.

All are welcome here.

The inherent need to learn…

People inherently want to know more about the world and what makes things tick. We find examples throughout Pakistan of children who have little to no education, and they create these highly innovative inventions. There is a thirst for knowledge.

What if we were to make Pakistan the prototype for all developing countries to understand. What if every person picked up a book and read it to an eager child who just wants to learn.

Read a page, read a short story, read a tome – share it with another. Gift your voice and presence to another today.

Kind Regards ~ Admin

to the point of no return…

Sometimes we come to the point of no return. Where we walk into a dead end – the hopelessness sets in and solutions evaporate.

Is this how we look at Pakistan? Is this how you look at Pakistan?

Sometimes, when we look at a solution that seems hopeless, we falter in discovering any solutions to education. But. And this is a HUGE BUT.

There are solutions. It might not be one you envision but another solution – simplistic yet one that could resonate across the country of Pakistan that invites all to embrace academics and truly gain an education.

Think about it. What would you do at the point of no return?


What do you consider to be the number of Pakistanis who are illiterate?

Where in Pakistan do you consider to have the highest amount of illiterate?

What can we do about gathering illiterate people into some model of education? What type of education would work best? Cottage style for women? Sidewalk Madrassa for boys? Buy Ghost Schools from the Government of Pakistan and convert into a real school?

What are your ideas?