• What do we believe in?

We believe that every child deserves an education regardless of income, social standing, race or creed.

  • What do we want to achieve?

We want to achieve 100% literacy, defined as the ability to read and write, throughout Pakistan.

  • Why do we have this mission?

Because millions of children don’t benefit from an education due to non qualified teachers, disinterested politicians and abuse from those who know not the power of education.

  • What makes us different from other education advocacy groups?

We dissect and research every written fact with truth.  People define literacy different.  They often relay facts that originate from word of mouth.  We want to cradle the various NGOs, government institutions and other organizations to make a strong impact for the future of Pakistan.  Much will be achieved if we gather our resources and work together. 

  • Is the government of Pakistan really playing their roles?

They try but influences from other nations use the strategic placement of Pakistan for their own use.  It is this combined with instability within and outside the borders of Pakistan that creates and maintains a low economy.  Pakistan is able to be self-sustainable but lives within the confines of the Muslim religion, due to lack of natural boundaries.  Misunderstood and portrayed as a “terrorist” nation Pakistan, a developing nation, struggles to retain those it educates.  Politicians are the typical egoists whose self efficacy suffers at the hands of others who think they know more than they.  Plagued by sleepless nights of the capture of money under their mattress, they fall to the score of puppet masters whose sole intent is to play these ruthless creatures hard and fast deriving any sense of joy there is to be had from the everyday life of a politician. 

How can I contribute?



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