Pakistan has a fragile education system due to the neglect of its own government. The status of Pakistan’s education system lacks importance, consistency and motivation. Pakistan receives millions of money from around the world for infrastructure and education yet 30% people live below poverty and 55 million children over the age 10 cannot read or write. Incompetent politicians, unenforced policy, conflict within and outside contribute to a deficit more important than money, the children. There is a lack of connection between leaders and educators, administration and the teachers and lastly between the teachers and their students. The United Nations recommends that Pakistan allow at least 4% GDP but it continues to spend 1.9% to 2.9% GDP on education. Pakistan set 1.7% GDP for the fiscal year of 2012-2013. Some of this money is spent on over 25,000 ghost schools and staff.

The mighty nation of Pakistan wants the opportunity to grow.  This blog is to illustrate the policies and the frustration of Pakistani’s; to explain how consensus can allow connection and engagement from parties willing to invest time and money in this endeavor. It takes a little to change a lot. Education reform in Pakistan is within reach, coming to a school near you.

Pakistan Education Initiative supports and organizes leaders, schools, and teachers in helping students achieve a literacy rate of 100% in Pakistan by 2023.

  1. Phase 1 – Everybody should be able to read and write ( Build adult schools etc)
  2. Phase 2 – Have everyone have a education of at least high school(30% should have university education , 40% High school educated , 30% read and write )
  3. Phase 3 – Make going to school compulsory by the virtue of constitution

Pakistan Education Initiative, a Special Interest Group, is dedicated to the mission of having 100% literacy rate in Pakistan. PEI is the collaboration of individuals working together to achieve this goal. This collaboration includes leaders, teachers, professionals , educationalists and philanthropists.

Wajid Hassan is an engineer working for AT&T Labs. In the past he has served as the coordinator for IEEEP and was an instructor with Usman Institute of Technology, Hamdard University, Pakistan. Currently he volunteers as President of Pakistani American Congress, is a PhD candidate and Fellow with Indiana State University and teaches at Bellevue Community College while working for AT&T as a Senior Core Packet Engineer.

He is the author of the book, Deciphering Pakistan’s Education Riddle. It is available here.


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